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Dr. Simone Ravicz - 9 Ways to Live an Abundant, Successful – and Not Stressful! – Life

9 Ways to Live an Abundant, Successful – and Not Stressful! – Life

Home » Business Coaching » 9 Ways to Live an Abundant, Successful – and Not Stressful! – Life Live an Abundant Life

I’ll leave that argument unanswered for now although I will address it in a subsequent blog.  I do know that our subconscious and conscious thoughts are able to make a difference in the level of abundance we experience.  Much is made of people’s relationship with money.  If a child who is not from a wealthy family hears that “rich people are mean” or that wealthy people only come from wealthy families, he or she might develop negative thoughts about money or believe that he or she will be unable to access money.  People tend to hold onto beliefs about the scarcity of wealth and that some quality about themselves will prevent them from taking a piece of the pie.

Realize that both our subconscious and conscious thoughts can often be wrong.  The brain of an infant or a child absorbs a huge amount of information occurring around it.  Not fully understanding or misunderstanding what is heard on the part of a child occurs frequently.  Adults have the responsibility to modify such early irrational beliefs which do not serve them.

Changing beliefs, attitudes and behaviors can all contribute to increase the likelihood of experiencing an abundant life:

1.  It is essential that one is completely financially honest.  Individuals who act dishonestly financially are sending negative energy out to the world and to themselves.  The message they are sending to themselves coincides with the scarcity hypothesis.  They believe money is limited and that there is not enough for them to have everything they need without dishonesty.  These individuals need to modify their thinking about financial resources and about their own worthiness.

2. Do not fill your life up with things you do not truly want or need.  Ask yourself if you want each item before you buy it.  Don’t have abundant rubbish; rather, create a vacuum so more good things can flow into it.

Aim to live abundantly by seeking out the things and experiences that work for you in your core being.  It turns out that people given an amount of money to spend on themselves or others were the happiest when they spent the money on having experiences with other people.

3. Tithing is often associated with religion, but it is also possible to tithe in a non-religious context.  This is a very important aspect of living abundantly for every time you freely give money away, you are implying you are confident that more will come.  This is a BIG positive affirmation with a great deal of power behind it.

The traditional amount for tithing is 10% of your income.  However, you can choose any amount you want to contribute to any event, any people or any organization you want.  Many people have told me that when they do this, more seems to come their way.

4.  A tremendous change in attitude and behavior can occur when individuals manifest gratitude.  This involves focusing on the good that is already in one’s life.  Most people spend much of their time focusing on lack and what they do not have.  Turn this around by focusing on and thinking about all of the things you do have.  Think about 5 things you are grateful for in the morning and another in the evening.  Work to increase the number.

5. Resentment, jealousy, envy  and self-pity interfere with the free-flow of abundance. If you are jealous or envious of someone, it implies that what they have is not available for you to have also. If you find it difficult to let go of these feelings, it generally has something to do with your negative, irrational thoughts about yourself and low self-esteem.  Start examining what is often a constant barrage of negative thoughts about yourself and hold them up to scrutiny in the light of the rational.  You will find that a huge number of your thoughts are skewed and dysfunctional and can be replaced with more rational, positive self-talk.  This will modify your self-perception and you will feel more able to go after what you want in life and celebrate the abundance.

6. Try to work to forgive those who have wronged you…this is part of living abundantly.  Holding on to your anger, however justifiable it may seem, keeps you stuck in the past, rather than going forward into a better future.  If it’s difficult to let go of your negative feelings, try writing a letter expressing all of your anger, hurt or envy.  Write until you can write no more and then you can burn it or tear it up and flush it down the toilet!

7. A surprising number of people share a difficulty when it comes to being able to receive from other people.  Being able to receive is healthy, but for a variety of reasons it makes some people uncomfortable.  Work on practicing receiving.  For example, when someone pays you a compliment, simply thank them rather than the usual response of playing it down.   You’ll both feel better.  Remember, the better you feel, the more you do.  The more you do, if it is well thought out, the more you will receive.

Think of the pleasure you feel when you give to others (as described above).  Do not prevent others from feeling the same pleasure when they give to you.

8. Realize that in general ‘good luck’ plays a very small part in people’s life. (If you put your faith in good luck, then you have to accept the possibility of bad luck too).  People who put their faith in good luck often spend their lives waiting for things to happen.  People who don’t believe in luck go out and make things happen.  These individuals tend to be happier and, in addition, tend to create greater abundance in their lives.

9. It is important to believe that there can be enough money, food, love, and generosity in the world to meet everyone’s needs to live abundantly.  This may be very difficult to believe particularly when faced with negative conditions, such as war, prejudice and starvation.

A great part of this anger and need arises because people who have enough do not believe they have enough.  They greedily grab at money and food substituting it for all of the other abundance in life.  Do your bit to correct that imbalance and start living a life that recognizes there are inequalities and shortages, but recognizes we can correct that so we all have what we need.

Dr. Simone Ravicz Web About the Author – Dr. Simone Ravicz
As a highly acclaimed certified business and life brain coach, Dr. Simone Ravicz helps her clients, small business owners and entrepreneurs, become “winners”

Dr. Ravicz offers one-to-one coaching in person, via phone, Skype or Google hangout. She also offers several programs and group coaching.

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