marketing-strategies-426545_640The quality of your online marketing plan (OMP) can mean feast or famine. Your OMP needs to be equal parts flexibility, consistency, clarity and value. Your marketing strategy communicates your goals while your OMP is intended to help you achieve them. It details the tactics you’ll be using; how you’ll be using them, and how you’ll track success (too many people forget this part).

You are probably like the rest of us in the sense that you hope to make a big, sustained splash with your marketing. With respect to your online marketing campaign you have to ensure you consider the various players and make sure you’re getting them to play full out for you.

I’ll discuss several components today and then cover Email, Search Engine Optimization, Websites and Mobile Marketing in your next Brain Boosters Ezine.

  • Content – Its first place in this list is no coincidence. Your content has to be relevant, important, timely and solve the problems and satisfy the needs of your ideal audience. This is a requisite which some writers, enamored with their own act of writing, too often forget.

Content includes your blog posts, guest blog posts, reports or materials you publish, your newsletters and other information you offer. With respect to blog posts, write regular, valuable posts hosted with content that direct people to your website for more information.

According to Brian Rouley, social media and computer expert extraordinaire at Mousehelp SEO, “if you really want to enhance your brand or your internet presence, you should create and post new content often or hire someone to help you with that.” ( The content you produce should integrate with your other marketing tactics, such as social media and email marketing.

  • internet-315132_640 Visual Content This is a critical component as people are 44% more likely to engage in social media with pictures. It includes tactics ranging from infographics to video and social media images. For example, you can create a strong social media presence on sites like Pinterest and Instagram which are 100% visual content. YouTube is another example of visual content which you can use to drive traffic to your website and which is helpful in depicting you as an expert.

Take advantage of simple, professional video creation programs like and upload a number of videos to increase your search engine ranking. Visual content can and should be shared via email and social media outlets as well.

Video delivery of content is increasingly being used in launching products and services. Jeff Walker’s LAUNCH is a great read to learn how to use this method for marketing.

  • Social Media – Involvement with at least some social media is critical for your business. It allows you to broaden your reach and it invites interaction, conversation and connection. Sometimes you might want to share a bit about yourself to build the KLT (know-like-trust) factor while other times you may want to promo products and events.Each site has certain purposes which I’ll present to you in a subsequent article.




Each site has certain purposes which I’ll present to you in a subsequent article. The top 10 social media sites for small business owners include: Facebook (800 million active users); Twitter; YouTube; Google Plus; LinkedIn; Pinterest; Ryze (social network sites for professionals, especially entrepreneurs); Talkbiznow (provides services for small biz owners and professionals) and you can manage all of your other social media sites with Social One; Affluence (must prove your worth to join) and Quora.

Of course, marketing is a serious matter but try to bring some humor and personal characteristics to it. Remember that being unique is also a drawing card when you focus on how that makes you the best choice.




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