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Dr. Simone Ravicz - THE BRAIN FACTOR


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Speaking personally, I’ve never been one for the status quo.  I don’t know…it just doesn’t fit right.  It’s a bit too tight on me. You know what else I think?  Settle down, those of you muttering that you don’t care.  

You will, you’ll see.

My strongest drive, of course, has been “to live”.  My strongest urge, well, it’s not what some of you might think… It’s been my urge to learn.  Did I leave behind a trail of disappointed, unsatisfied men in my trail?  Well, that I’m certain you don’t care about so I’ll spare you.

360px-2006_High_Speed_Business_Networking_Event_JCI_Paris_EGEE_Parrainage_jeunes_chefs_d_entrepriseWondering why I said that you would care?  Well, it’s because a whole lot of highly successful, love-to-achieve types think so too!  You can check Investor’s Business Daily in which Adelia Linecker shared some of the wisdom from Waldo (not of the red-scarfed fame) Waldman, the decorated fighter pilot who has written Never Fly Solo.

He says that leaders who don’t settle for the status quo understand that “complacency kills”.  See, I knew that! Waldman shares that those of us who want continued success cannot rest on the laurels of our past or present success.  We must “stretch and grow” (


 OK, I’ll be more specific.  I love the following suggestions because they all call for the exercising of my favorite body part… the brain!



  • Get thee to a bookstore or your kindle and read: Talk like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking-Secrets of the World’s Top Minds (Gallo); An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth (Hadfield), and Things a Little Bird Told Me (Stone).
  • Go to events, seminars, classes or attend online courses.  The world’s humongous load of knowledge is increasing exponentially and to compete or just to stay ahead of the dreaded status quo, we’ve got to keep learning. And, that most definitely includes the technological realm.
  • Watch for upcoming smaller-size types of MOOCs.  Harvard Business Publishing has linked up with Merck to develop large business learning groups to enable workers from around the globe to work and learn together.
  • We’ve all heard that we should surround ourselves with others (in this case, human beings for now) who “have what we want”.  Join some mastermind groups, including bright, achieving, non status quo people who bring knowledge of different industries, functions, and hopefully different cultures, to BRAINstorm©.
  • Keep your brain healthy by giving it a balanced diet: business; personal; family; service; spirituality; community; relationships; physical and, oh yeah, remember leisure?


“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” Jonas Salk

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