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Healthy Relationship with Food

Healthy Relationship With Food

Introduction Some people are lucky enough to go through life without ever having to give a second thought to what they put in their mouths or how they feed their bodies. On the other hand, some become so focused on food or over involved with eating to the point that their relationship with food becomes

Your Brain and Love: A Tale of Passion and…Stress

Breathlessness, joyfulness, the vitality of each moment, obsessive thinking – all of these can be characteristics of romantic love – AND, they can all be traced directly to activity in your brain. Your brain in love is highly active and focused. When fMRI scans were taken of subjects experiencing romantic love looking at a photo


Your Brain’s Fitness and Empowered Aging You may well have some understanding that the health of your brain is intimately linked with how well or not well you age. However, getting to the specifics of the matter is puzzling even to neuroscientists. In 2014, a group of scientists gathered at the Stanford Center of Longevity concluded


Consumer Neuroscience: Marketing With the Help of the Brain The application of neuroscience, or the study of the nervous system and the brain, is springboarding from the realm of research and medicine to many other areas, from economics (neuroeconomics) to marketing (consumer neuroscience). While it might just all sound too far-fetched to you, this newest

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