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Give Your Mind a BREAK!

12 SIMPLE WAYS TO OPTIMIZE TIME MANAGEMENT TO ACHIEVE YOUR BUSINESS AND LIFE GOALS (AND GIVE YOUR MIND A BREAK)! There are a huge number of time management systems and programs available.  However, some of them are so complex just figuring them out takes up a huge slice of time.  Here are twelve simple time management habits

Beating the Problems of Performance Under Pressure

  Business Leaders: Beating the Problems of Performance Under Pressure in Advance of the “Real Thing” Managers in the Ashbridge Business School are experiencing a unique curriculum in which neurobiology is being used to help prepare them perform optimally when under stress and pressure out in the workplace. Physiological and psychological data were analyzed as participating managers took

9 Ways to Live an Abundant, Successful – and Not Stressful! – Life

I’ll leave that argument unanswered for now although I will address it in a subsequent blog.  I do know that our subconscious and conscious thoughts are able to make a difference in the level of abundance we experience.  Much is made of people’s relationship with money.  If a child who is not from a wealthy

Starting Your Own Business: Inspiration and Perspiration

Starting Your Own Business: Inspiration and Perspiration Simone Ravicz, Ph.D., MBA The reasons for deciding to become a small business owner are varied.  Much thought should be given to take this challenging route.  It typically requires hours of hard work and varied risks but the pay-off  can be sweet… It is surprising that many people

Dr. Simone interviewed on 1450 AM radio show!

Dr. Simone Ravicz spent a delightful Saturday (November 23, 2014) being interviewed about business and life coaching, on 1450 am by Dominique Fruchtman (Desert Cow Computers) as “One of the Most Interesting People in the Valley”. Click below to listen to the Podcast from KPTR 1450 AM – In a world where it seems “Right


Do you feel like you’re working harder than ever before but not earning enough income? Is the passion for your work fading or gone? Do you wonder how you can make time for your family and yourself and not fall behind in your business? Are you worrying about how much more stress and pressure you

Designing Your Life Purpose: The What and the How – Part Two

In Part One of this blog, I asked you to remember times in your past which generated a range of positive emotions.  I asked what moments had made you feel most energized, fulfilled and generous and suggested you write down time periods from your life when you felt the most happiness and pleasure.  Then, you were to

Designing Your Life Purpose: The What and the How – Part One

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”  This obviously predated the development of the GPS for cars.  But when applied to life, the saying is quite accurate.  If you do not have an established plan, you have little to say about where you will

Your 20-20 Personal Vision Statement

A glance into a dictionary at the word “vision” will yield definitions such as something seen in a trance or a concept or thought created by the imagination.  There is an air of unreality or fantasy about the word.  As you will see, imagination is involved in designing your vision; however, when used in the

Confused About Your Goals? Five Critical Steps for Your Success

Goal setting is the true secret to success in any area of life.  However, while setting a goal might seem like a simple, straightforward thing to do, there are issues we have to deal with that we do not usually think about or of which we may not be aware.   “No.”  “Stop.”  Don’t do

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