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Dr. Simone Ravicz - Confused About Your Goals? Five Critical Steps for Your Success

Confused About Your Goals? Five Critical Steps for Your Success

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Goal setting is the true secret to success in any area of life.  However, while setting a goal might seem like a simple, straightforward thing to do, there are issues we have to deal with that we do not usually think about or of which we may not be aware.


“No.”  “Stop.”  Don’t do that.”  “Don’t go there.”  “Do what I say.”  “You can’t get everything you want.”  Do any of these statements sound familiar?  These are the voice ghosts of the distant past which we heard over and over from our parents or caretakers.  Because we so easily absorb information when we are young and do not have access to a great deal of analysis or rational thinking at the time, these sayings become part of our automatic thinking.


After years of this, many of us lose touch with our needs and dreams and are lead by what society expects of us.  It is time to put an end to that and polish off those real desires and beliefs.


So, setting goals is not as easy a process as it would seem.




Because you have got to remember three requirements before you move ahead:  1)  you need to know exactly what you want; 2)  you must feel passionate about your goals; and, 3)  you need a solid, realistic plan of action.  These are the three elements which distinguish your goals from your dreams.


Here are five methods which will help you obtain the success you deserve despite any blocks or challenges that may push you off-track:


1.        Know exactly what your goal is

Your first step is to clarify your goal exactly.  What will achieving that goal really look like?  Imagine this thoroughly.  Get into it.  Have fun.  Then, be as specific and exact as possible in defining your end result.   Your success will depend on your clarity.

If your goal is to create a more successful business, what will that look like?  Are you thinking of hiring someone else to give you more free time?  Are you looking for a specific monthly profit?  Do you need to make a change to your services?  Maybe your goal can be expressed as a difference in your current lifestyle.


Regardless of what you want, the best way to get it is to first clarify exactly what you want in as much detail as possible.  This can be hard to do.  However, without that clear mental picture, you will not have the focus necessary to achieved your goal.


2.       Be willing to pay the “price”

Success takes dedicated planning and effort.  In a way it is like building a house.  In the beginning, all you have is a vague concept.  Then you develop a complete set of plans and immediately move closer to success.  The same is true of creating a better lifestyle, or a more successful business.

What is this “price”?  Creating more success in your business may mean less time with your children or partner.  Writing your novel might mean fewer social activities.


It’s the “full glass” deal.  If your life (your time) is already full to the top, there is no room for something new.  The “price” is carving out the time to create that something new.


3.       Focus on your goal daily

I’m sure you want to achieve your goal as soon as possible.  That is why clear mental focus is critical.  Consistent daily focus is necessary to “burn in” the new neural pathways you need to create your new situation (goal).  Without daily focus, the old mental habits that have kept you from achieving your goal will continue to dominate.

This happens automatically as these old habits replay deeply in your subconscious 24/7.  The only way to override subconscious anti-success messages is to consciously focus on what you do want and build new neural networks!


That is why success is an everyday event.  Re-commit to your goal every day.  Do not let your goal fall by the wayside replaced by the tasks and distractions that will try to take over.  And, life will try to take over!  Just stay on that new course everyday and focus on your goal and your success.


4.       Get passionate

One of the most powerful tools in your success toolbox is having sincere, deep passion for your goal.

Why passion?


Because intense passionate desire for your goal will also help burn in those new neural pathway even faster.  A huge number of studies have shown that intense emotion (in this case passion) is a key success tool.


PLUS (and this is a really BIG plus), intense passion will also help you rapidly override any inappropriate old “failure” messages stored in your subconscious.


5.       Take consistent action

Actually taking action can be the most difficult step.  Successful goal achievement is built by taking one small action step after another.

The word is ACTION!


If you commit to take at least one small action each day, your actions WILL add up and make the difference.  Don’t just sit back.


You can create whatever you want in your life.  The secret is to determine exactly what you want, then pursue it passionately.  But remember – in the end, only action counts!  Don’t just dream about it.  Go out and DO IT!


Dr. Simone Ravicz



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