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Dr. Simone Ravicz - Prep and Expect Yourself to Win

Prep and Expect Yourself to Win

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Why is it that when some people are putting in the same level of work, some people succeed and some don’t?  There is a saying that winning and losing are two sides of a coin.  All of us would like to be a winner in all our endeavors, but unfortunately very few of us truly succeed in more than a few.  However, there are some people who almost always turn out to be winners.

 All of us know someone who is usually a winner.

Whatever they do, anything they attempt, they meet with success.  Be it business, playing a game of cards, finding a date or even if they were to enter the Olympics…hey presto!  They are the winners.  You know for sure that they’ll win against the odds and find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  It’s like they just wouldn’t accept anything but victory. All we do is admire them and wonder how they do it time after time.

Have you ever wondered why winners always win and losers always lose? Perhaps you would like to be let into their little secret.  Winners EXPECT only winning. That’s the catch!  Sound pretty simple.  Well it is.

Now pause and take a minute to think…. a winner foresees his success.  He knows he’s the one who’ll win.  He has tuned his mind to win.  Most of you have run a race sometime or other in your lives.  What was your mindset before the race?  Did you think you’d win before you ran the race or did you contemplate winning only when you were in the race?  Perhaps you hadn’t even thought positively about it and had already seen yourself as a loser.

Whether they are dealing in business or buying a car or just about anything, a winner EXPECTS to get exactly what he wants.  Say you are a small business owner after a great deal with a client.  Prep for it…expect it…win it!  And you just may do it against all odds.  It is this EXPECTATION that makes one a winner, scoring above the rest.

There are many people who have won against all odds.  If we just look around us we can see people who win all the time.  They are inspiring.

Do you also want to be a winner? What you have to do is… shut your eyes and imagine you have a particular aspiration in life.  Relax and concentrate.  Open your eyes and let your mind focus only on the fact that you would like to achieve your aim.  Now, shut your eyes once more and EXPECT that YOU WILL achieve your target.

Observe a subtle change.  Do you not feel more confident? That’s the difference between letting our mind ponder and waver too much about anything.  Perhaps you can win or lose. But the EXPECTATION has only one likelihood…. winning. You are almost there.

The answer now lies before you.

So what do you do next?  Apply your mind with full intensity, concentrate on your goal and EXPECT TO WIN.  Before any venture, just take a deep breath, relax and pause…. to think and ….TO WIN. Think of the aura of success around you.  Bask in that glory of success.  Now that you have set your mind on winning, you are surely going to be a winner.

Everything you are going to do or say will spell triumph.  Now that you know the path to winning, you can handle the rest. And the chances are you WILL win.  All you require is the mindset to win.

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