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Dr. Simone Ravicz - Media


Health Sounds Revolution“Your Healthiest Brain” feat by Dr. Simone Ravicz
January 18, 2017
It was my privilege to interview Dr. Simone Ravicz on The Health Sounds Revolution Podcast on how to get your healthiest brain of your life!


In this interview, Dr. Simone shares:

  •  How being a Type A and a perfectionist landed her in the hospital for three months… and she almost died twice
  •  The truth about brain development and what you can do change your brain at any age!
  •  How the brain is different in people who meditate
  •  How changing the structure of your brain changes your lives experience
  •  How visualizing is exactly the same as experiencing something… at least in our brains
  •  Why exercise helps your long term memory
  •  How to increase the youthfulness in your brain
  •  What percentage of your thoughts are negative, what this can do for your health, and how you can change and make new, positive neuro-pathways

This interview definitely left me astonished, and it will you too! Jaw dropping, filled to the brim with inspirational ways you can easily change your brain, and therefore, change your entire life!

Get out your pen and paper. You’re going to want to take notes, guaranteed.

Launching Forward to Make a Difference!

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Dr. Simone Ravicz, and Jan Jorgensen as we share about our special launch in January 2017! We will share about 3 new TV Channel, a new TV network and how we are making positive and transformational programming available to the world! Dr. Simone, Rebecca and Jan will share what you can look forward to in their powerful shows, TV Channels, and how you can access these transformational shows to support you on your powerful journey in life. Discover why they do what they do and how we can all lean in and make a global difference!


 ~ Listen to an 8 min interview with Neal Howard as Dr. Simone Ravicz explains ” Keeping Your Brain Healthy”.

Must our brains stagnate, shrink and cease to function as we grow older? “ABSOLUTELY NOT, THINK AGAIN!” proclaims guest Simone Ravicz, PhD. In fact, we can grow gray matter, improve memory and enhance brain connections at any age. Even better news: we can retrain our brains to reduce anxiety, conquer stress, fight off depression, tame anger and increase happiness, productivity and success.

CLICK HEREDr. Simone Ravicz on Health Professional Radio Interviewed by Neal Howard – Producer / Host / 

 ~  Dr. Simone Ravicz talks about “Helping Your Brain Help YOU”  during this 8 mins interview with Neal Howard on the Health Professional Radio Show.

Neal: When we’re talking about the brain and how it relates to, say, our physical health, I mean the brain is an organ and it’s part of the physical makeup.  But when we think of the brain, a lot of times, we don’t think about

Exercising is Good for the Brain!

Exercising is Good for the Brain!

it like we think about exercising our biceps or our ABS.

Simone: Right.  Exactly, you’re exactly right.   And one of the reasons for that is one of the myths about the brain until recently was that something called the blood-brain barrier prevents nutrients from passing into the brain.  So, what would be the point of focusing on nutrition for the brain?  However, now we know that that is not true and that nutrients certainly do pass the blood-brain barrier.

And another myth – you had mentioned myths or misconceptions – of the brain was that it was generally – you grew up, there was some brain development in your infancy and childhood and a few changes in adolescence, but then that stopped, and that from about the 20s on, gradually, and then increasingly in the 40s and the 50s, there was a decrease in the size and the functioning of different parts of the brain.

Now, we know that there is neuroplasticity of the brain, which means, actually, it’s as if it were plastic.  We can continue to develop nerve cells, neurons, throughout our lives and we can enhance the size and the functioning of our brain throughout our lives, if we do certain things.       

You had mentioned exercise, which is actually a huge part of taking care of your brain.  A lot of studies have shown that exercising helps to increase the size of the hippocampus, for example.  That’s the part of the brain responsible for memory and that’s the part, as we’re aging, that if we do nothing in terms of exercise or other activities, tends to shrink quite a bit.  But we can combat that with exercise and the other specific activities I discuss in “Brain Bliss: Seven Ways to Help Your Brain Help Yourself”.

CLICK HEREDr. Simone Ravicz on Health Professional Radio with Neal Howard – Producer / Host /











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