We will work together on obtaining success in:

•Designing a Balanced Life(Business/Personal)
•Maximizing Your Finances
•Managing Personal and Professional Issues
•Building Self-Esteem, Confidence and Self-Awareness
•Eliminating Negative Blocking Beliefs and Habits
•Optimizing Life Transitions
•Developing a Business and Marketing Plan
•Setting and Obtaining Your Business and Personal Goals
•Refining Your Life Purpose

• Working Out Frustrations, Anger, Sadness and Fear
• Eliminating Daily Negative Stress and Boosting Prostress
• Coping With Illness and Chronic Pain
• Improving Relationships
• Tapping (EFT) in Your New Life and You* 


“My time with Dr. Simone Ravicz was very useful and informative. We explored how I spent my time and energy in my current life. She assisted me in clarifying my decisions about pursuing life goals and helped me visualize how the different aspects of my life interact together. The questions she asked really got me thinking about my life and decisions. I highly recommend Dr. Simone’s expertise and experience in business and life coaching.

Linda Jessie
Director of Client Care
Prowatch Services

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“As a small business owner, Simone has brought a wonderful sense of balance into my life. She has inspired me with thoughtful ideas about how to manage my time more efficiently and challenged me in my goal to find more time for myself in my daily business routine. She is a true professional and I would highly recommend her life coaching services to anyone!

Karen Beasanski, Owner
Bliss & Bodywork Massage Therapy

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it.” -Jonathan Winters

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