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Dr. Simone Ravicz - Speaker

This is one of three videos used to introduce Dr. Simone’s highly effective course, “The Science of Success: Retrain Your Brain to Powerfully Optimize Your Business and Your Life.” In this video, she describes how vital your Inner Game is to your success.

Dr. Simone Ravicz - Speaking

Let’s work together on your success and joy!


“I have had the opportunity to see Dr. Simone Ravicz speak on several occasions and have interviewed her as an expert on my Talk Radio show, and every time she captivates the audience. She has the ability to use down to earth language, remain approachable while standing on her amazing credibility and years experience as an expert in neuroscience. Dr. Simone Ravicz has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, an MBA, and her presentations are always expressed in a clear manner understandable to everyone in the audience. She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her as a speaker and/or guest expert. She will serve your audience, community, listeners, and attendees at the highest level.”

Rebecca Hall Gruyter
Founder/Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice Talk Radio Show

Host on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Dr. Simone Ravicz had the honor of granting the Governor of Toastmasters District 12, Mr. Michael Ozer, an Official Proclamation celebrating certain days as “Toastmasters’ Days”.  She presented a witty, humorous speech enjoyed by all. Watch the Video below of Dr. Ravicz presenting the honor.

“I would like to thank you for the informative and wonderful workshop that you taught. While attending the Upside of Stress I learned the power of stress and how to meditate. I plan to control my negative stress better and bring a healthier balance to my life thanks to your workshop! You have a great presence and learning from you is an absolute joy! I would sign up for another of your workshops in a heartbeat!

Thank you again for taking time to teach us.”

Jennifer McGovern
Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center


  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • Beverly Wilshire Hotel
  • Brown University Alumni Group
  • United States International University
  • Los Angeles Realty Services
  • Brotman Medical Group
  • J. Paul Getty Museum
  • Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center
  • American Business Women’s Assn. (ABWA)
  • Soroptimist International

  • Gilda’s Club
  • Women’s Resources, Opportunities and Knowledge (WORK)
  • J.W. Colachis
  • Rebecca Hall Gruyter’s Fall Event
  • Multiple Rotary Clubs
  • Multiple Chambers of Commerce
  • Desert Network Professionals
  • Act I, Caretakers for those with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Inner Faith Worldwide Organization Group
  • Active in Toastmasters International




Brain Boosters: Seven Ways to Help Your Brain Help Yourself – Presents information on recent brain science research, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. The audience is trained how to modify their thoughts, emotions and behaviors to change the structure, size and functioning of the brain leading to many benefits. Group interaction includes teaching proven methods to improve success, performance, productivity, physical and mental health, well-being and happiness, such as the brain-based techniques of EFT (tapping), Neuro-hypnosis, Mindfulness Meditation, Nutrition and Exercise for the Brain and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

The Upside of Stress – Describes triggers and physical and psychological consequences of negative stress vs. positive stress (prostress©). Teaches brain-mind-body techniques to decrease negative stress and boost prostress by eliminating blocking beliefs, negative emotions and sabotaging behaviors. Reveals how prostress counteracts negative stress and leads to improved thinking, success, fulfillment and happiness.

A Guided Tour From Out of Your Head and Into Action – Instructs how to eliminate negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors which block success and how to optimize positivity and fulfillment. With the path cleared, audiences are instructed how to identify their dreams, life purposes, visions, values, SMART goals and action steps. Attendees come away with practical tools to use to transform their dreams into business and personal success.



“Dr. Simone interviewed me on her radio show “The Dr Simone Show.” I’m listening to the recording now, and I must say to her: You are fantastic! You are such a great interviewer and host, and of the many tele-summits and video summits I’ve been honored to be a guest expert on over the past few years, you are by far one of the best!! Thank you so much for providing this super beneficial platform for so many people to get big-time life, love, career, mind, body and spirit guidance. Your expertise, knowledge, skill and care come across vividly. You are a gift to the world!”

Jason Rosado
Breakthrough Business Coach

“Need an excellent speaker for your next program? We asked Dr. Simone Ravicz to address our monthly meeting of the American Business Women’s Association and she packed the house.

Her topic was “The Science of Success: Retraining Your Brain to Optimize Your Business and Your Life.” Dr. Simone delivered a fascinating presentation. In addition to being an expert in her field, she is a dynamic speaker who leaves you with effective techniques that can be immediately put into practice.

Dr. Simone brings intelligence, energy and a bit of humor to the podium. Not only were our members inspired by her well researched topic, they lined up to purchase her new book, “Brain Boosters: Seven Ways to Help Your Brain Help Yourself.”

I highly recommend Dr. Simone Ravicz for your next corporate engagement.”

Sunny Simon
Life and Career Coach

“When I heard about Dr. Simone Ravicz’s new book on the brain, “Brain Boosters: Seven Ways to Help Your Brain Help Yourself ,” I knew she would be a wonderful addition to our association’s masterclass series. Dr. Ravicz’s background as a psychologist was evident as she gave an informative and educational presentation that was packed with scientific data. But she also gave us many correlating mindset issues connected with different parts of the brain, especially in the area of creating happiness. Her talk helped listeners gain a better understanding about how we can use the brain’s advanced functions to become more happy and successful in business and in life. We learned new techniques for making specific brain changes that will support our goals and desires and everyone was inspired to know that we can transform our lives by proactively retraining our brains.”

Jeannette Koczela
Founder/President of International Association of Professional Life Coaches
Author of “Money Mindset Makeover” and “Life Coach Business Blueprint”

“Dr. Simone has presented two workshops for CVWBC, both of which been extremely well-received. The workshops, ripe with the personal experience that brings relevancy and immediate relatability, illustrate through demonstrations and hands-on exercises the points she makes. Her ideas are based in science and backed by research; she weaves the science together with experience to form compelling presentations.

Whether she is leading participants through ways to retrain their brains to overcome obstacles, or to use stress in a positive manner, Dr. Simone always seems to have the solution on hand.

Comments made recently include: ‘When the lesson was over, I felt like my brain was exploding with energy, knowledge, and excitement to use these tools in my business and daily personal life!’ and ‘Life changing for ME so freeing to know we have such control with our thoughts.”

Kimberly A. Scanlan
Lead Training Coordinator and Business Counselor
Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center

“Dr. Simone Ravicz is the one to call if you need an excellent motivational speaker for your next workshop, keynote or break-out event.

I asked Dr. Simone to address our recent monthly meeting here at Caleo Bay Alzheimer’s Special Care Center. We service individuals experiencing Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia.

She was able to present important research material in a simple, straightforward way that the participants could easily understand. Her knowledge is comprehensive and she discussed the importance of mindset, socialization, nutrition, exercise and other elements about which our clients need to know.

Dr. Simone is an energetic, inspirational and humorous speaker who really connected with the audience as seen by the mutual interaction after the presentation. I’ve already asked her to speak for us again and I highly recommend you get in touch with her soon for your next event!”

Jennifer Wallis
Area Community Resource Director
Caleo Bay Alzheimer’s Special Care Center

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