Success Coaching for IntrepreneursAs small business owners, I don’t need to tell you about the many challenges you face every day.  You would, though, probably want to hear a solution to one of your thorniest problems.  That is the frequent difficulty you face with a number of your employees performing minimally, without enthusiasm or even grudgingly.

Imagine instead having to place picture after picture of your employees in a row for Employee of the Month!  Or all of your employees continuously surpassing their quarterly goals!

Imagination is a wonderful tool but we do have to juxtapose it with reality at times. The reality is that more than $350 billion dollars worth of worker disengagement exists in this country.  In your own business you can see it…those employees who merely show up daily and seem to contribute little or nothing.  Small businesses don’t have the resources to support this type of behavior and they tend to let it go on for far too long.

The goal for you is to have employees who earn at a minimum two times their salary, and preferably three times their salary.  If you have a number of this type, congratulations.  If you do not, it’s time to turn your employees into intrapreneurs.

These are workers who have a work ethic similar to yours. That is, they are individuals who share the same amount of responsibility, share in the risk and reward and face each day just as you do.  They are vested partners in the outcome of the company.

If you want such winning employees, you are going to have to do some work and implement some changes…all well worth it!  Why are there so many bureaucrats in the work force?

Our schools contribute to this mindset and then these individuals do not get to develop entrepreneurial skills.  There is little exposure to and training by entrepreneurs.  Too many people settle for jobs rather than pursuing their passions.(

What can you do to create intrapreneurs?

  •  Have a philosophy honoring achievement, creative thinking and flexibility.
  •  Understand placing the revenue at the top in all scenarios and teaching about assets and liabilities right away.
  •  Use methods of measuring and quickly rewarding good activity.
  •  Be the champion of introducing significant training and knowledge into the company
  •  Hire business coaches knowledgeable about your values and goals to see employees individually and in groups.

What can you do to become an intrapreneur?

  •  Become the role model of your ideals.
  •  Do not procrastinate decisionmaking.
  •  Have a firm grasp of assets and liabilities.
  •  Know about your customers and value them.
  •  Use the knowledge and accountability of a business coach.
  •  Become proactive in solving company problems.

Small companies with employees who value the same mission and goals are bound to make your business more successful.  By rewarding their flexibility, innovation and shared purpose, you will benefit from havYourbeliefsbecomeyourthoughts.successbraincoaching a satisfied and positively challenged group of intrapreneurs.

Looking for some fast facts about yourself?

Do you ever ask yourself questions like

“Who am I?” or “Where am I in my life?”

Such questions are not just to be asked by adolescents or when entering middle age.  Knowing the answers can help you see if you’re in alignment with your vision and mission, whether your values still fit, if you’re still fulfilling your passion, and if you’re well-tuned for your journey to optimal success!

Sound helpful?  Well, guess what. You can find the answers you seek by clicking on the FREE link below. Who am I Assessment.

The answers may prove very enlightening and useful for you.

Whenever an individual or a business decides that success has been attained, progress stops.
– Thomas J. Watson

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