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How to Use Stress Strategically – Dr. Simone Ravicz

I was recently interviewed on a  podcast (online radio show) and wanted to share this with you on my website. You can listen to the podcast below or read the transcript.


Dr.-Simone-Ravicz-WebManaging stress effectively while running your business can be helpful for you and your business. In this episode of the Business Direct Podcast, Dr. Simone Ravicz of shares insights about how to manage the stresses of running a business.

Dr. Ravicz specializes in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs optimize their brain functioning so they can maximize their profitability, attain life balance and develop lives of fulfillment and joy. Today we are speaking to her about the positive side of stress and how to use it strategically in your business and in your life.

For more information about how Dr. Ravicz can help you, visit


* Note that this blog post is derived from the transcript of the audio discussion. Please excuse any typos or odd wording.

Running a business can be stressful, but if you learn to manage that stress effectively, you can use it to your advantage and really make leaps forward in your business.

What we’re talking about with Dr. Ravicz today is how to manage the stresses of running a business, and how to use that to your advantage.

Take Time To Manage Everyday Stress In Your Life

When it comes to dealing with stressful situations, the first thing is to just understand that you need to take the time to manage your stress and really understand what’s making you tick.

  • Not managing stress can hurt business progress in that you are held back from reaching your business goals
  • Being stressed out is also not a fun situation to be in, and it makes you unhappy at a lot of different levels.

So, this is definitely something that you want to learn and implement in your life.

3 Simple Steps To Effectively Manage Stress

One of the steps that can be really effective to break down and break through negative stress is to go through a couple of specific steps below.

Write down your feelings when stressed – When you’re starting to feel stressed about something;

  • Write down what is happening right now
  • What’s happening that is making you feel stressed?

Dr.  Ravicz  shared how this would work with an example of public speaking.

  • If somebody asks you to speak at an event, that may make you feel stressed. And so
  • You’d write that down, and then start to write through your negative emotion.
  • Write down what emotions are you feeling right now? and then,
  • Rate them from 1 to 10 so you can start to understand how stressed you are feeling or how is this making you feel.

Analyze how these feelings impact you – Then the next question that’s really important is, “What does that make you think about yourself right now?”

When you take that stress, what is that stress causing you to think of yourself in that situation? And continuing with the public speaking example, you may be stressed and thinking that;

  • They (the audience) are not going to like my topic, or maybe
  • They’re going to laugh at me, or
  • They’re going to boo me off the stage, or something along those lines.

Challenge these feelings / thoughts to overcome stress – You’re basically building up all these negative situations in your mind, and what you really need to do is challenge those thoughts with rational thinking.

  • Why would people actually boo you off the stage?
  • Is it even likely that an audience of business owners at a professional event are going to react so poorly?

So basically, taking those irrational thoughts and just analyzing them and challenging them, and using that process to really break down why you’re feeling stressed and to break through that is a very effective way to identify and manage your stress levels.

Use The Power of Visualization To Overcome Stress

Dr. Ravicz also talks about visualization, which can be something that can really helps you see that you’re performing well and you have the ability to perform well.

When you are able to go through the framework of;

  • Writing things down,
  • Rating your emotions,
  • Really understanding what you’re thinking
  • Why you’re feeling that way, and then
  • Evaluating those emotions with rational thought
  • It helps you get the negative feelings out of your system and
  • Replace those with the positivity that you get when you visualize yourself as a successful person.

Identify Positive Stress And Eliminate Negative Stress

Another interesting thing Dr. Ravicz discusses is using positive stress.

  • Positive stress is essentially when you’re feeling challenged and not feeling threatened.
  • It’s when you’re feeling positive emotions, such as excitement or opportunity, rather than danger and fear and defeat.

You can limit negative stress in a few ways:

  • Delegate potential situations that you know cause negative stress.
  • Limit certain situations that cause negative stress to certain times throughout the day. For example, checking emails is often information overload for people, and so limiting that can be really helpful.

Additional Resources And Next Actions

As for next steps, I’d like to share with our listeners Dr Ravicz book, “High on Stress.”

  • She has shared a lot of information in the book about how to optimize and use stress effectively in your life, and so
  • I would encourage the listeners to visit Amazon and get “High on Stress.”

We’d also like our listeners and readers to visit Dr Ravicz ‘s website at, where she shares tips and insights to manage the day to day stresses of running a business.

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