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Your Brain’s Fitness and Empowered Aging

You may well have some understanding that the health of your brain is intimately linked with how well or not well you age. However, getting to the specifics of the matter is puzzling even to neuroscientists. In 2014, a group of scientists gathered at the Stanford Center of Longevity concluded that brain training does not work (Allaire at al., 2014). Two months later, a larger group of scientists worldwide decided they were wrong and stated there was indeed value to brain training (Alescio-Lautier at al., 2014).

Healthy brainPeople want to know what is the thing they can do, whether it is taking designer brain pills, doing crossword puzzles or eating well, to ensure they have the greatest chances of aging healthfully in body and brain.

The most widely supported answer to that question is that, yes, there is “a thing that is best to do”. However, the problem is that this “thing” differs from person to person. There are multiple evidence-based ways to promote and protect various brain functions. These include physical exercise, meditation, varying through various complex tasks, eating well, learning a new language, brain training,
biofeedback, engaging in positive, challenging activities and so on.

Check out these Valuable Resources: – A free mobile app with dozens of cognitive tests that you can retake over time and that is good for self-monitoring. – A web-based cognitive training program including assistance for safe driving. – A free web-based assessment to measure if the test taker’s cognition is within a normal range give his or her age or whether a visit to a doctor is indicated.

I’ll be writing more blogs with articles about various types of brain training resources and methods to reduce the likelihood of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s and increase the chances of having adaptable, healthy functioning brains and bodies.


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Until next time: Purpose. Passion. Prosperity.

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